2003 | do the parts speak of the whole?

a body that sees and is seen
listens and is heard
touches and is touched
feels and is felt

An intersection of dance and visual arts that explors the relationship between body and space, confronting the spectators with their habitual perceptions of space: body spaces, space for art and their own space as audience. Arm, part, reflex, word, foot, face… do the parts speak of the whole? Is it possible to perceive the whole ? Does the point of view modify what is perceived?





The whole is never t he sum of the parts, it is more than this. The parts can be all. The word and the body are always the parts and are always the whole. Is a torso of Apolo a part or is it the whole? How do you go from movement to dance? Where does the body end and where does the space begin?


The sculpture and the dance invent the body. The sculpture and the dance invent the space. Displacing. Weighing. Crossing. Separating. Joining. Going far apart. Coming close. Touching. Walking. The space is not outside, in front of us, it is not born as a geometric figure. It draws itself daily, beginning with the movement of our body and the experience of our gestures.

More than just a relationship between dance and sculpture, what we see in this performance is a displacing of languages, a metamorphosis of body into sculpture, of sculpture into dancing fragments. There are not a choreography and a scenography, there are bodies, shapes and spaces that reinvent themselves at each movement of the one who dances and of the one who watches and goes around. Tatiana’s sculptures exist through the dance, just like Dani’s choreographic design fragments itself and unfolds itself through the cuts and holes of the sculptured works.


Do the parts speak of the whole? Do we have words to express the body? Can we see without words? “There are plenty of things that are not said / there are plenty of things that exceed what we say / is our misery a joy of words?” A look, a gesture. a yes, can mean everything or nothing at all – the situation and the moment make the difference.
Luiz Camillo Osório


concept and direction: Dani Lima
creation: Alex Cassal, Clarice Silva, Dani Lima,
Edney D’ Conti, Monica Burity, Rodrigo Maia,
Vinicius Salles, Vivian Miller and André Masseno
objects: Tatiana Grinberg
direction assistant: Alex Cassal
original soundtrack: Felipe Rocha and Lucas Marcier
musical direction: Felipe Rocha
photos: Mauro Kury
videos: Gijs Andriessen

How lucky that, from time to time, companies like this one remind us that intelligence, when it exists, is both in the mind and the body. Read more…
Helena Katz | IDança.net

Without the spectator, “Do the parts speak of the whole?” would not exist. The encounter between the artworks and the restlessness of Dani Lima and Tatiana Grinberg resulted in an involving product. Read more…
Silvia Soter | O Globo

A dance happens among the audience and not only for it. (…)“Living without assurance”, for Dani Lima, “is to live in a constant movement of learning again and again”. Her generosity and bravery in showing this, makes her process, her creation. And without clichés, produces a dialogue between Art and Science. Read more…
Roberto Pereira | Jornal do Brasil

The performance by the Dani Lima Company reveals a new perspective on the relationship between dance and film by demonstrating that it is possible to permit the dancer’s body to be constantly divided and literally framed without allowing such actions to diminish the esthetic perception of the choreographic movement. Read more…
Charles Feitosa | Idança.net