2011 | conversations à la table – Kortrijk,BE


In November  2011, Dani Lima and Alex Cassal were in a residency at Kunstencentrum Buda, in Kortijk, Belgium, in the context of the Europália.Brasil Festival, to discuss on the dramaturgy of Cia Dani Lima’s new creation for 2012, based on the research project “100 highlight gestures of the XXth century”.

The dramaturgy of a piece grounded in such a vast field is organized based on the criteria by which choices are made, on the perspectives adopted at every moment, on the micro to the macro, on the individual to the common, on the subjective to the social. How to satisfy the magnitude of the theme without it becoming diluted in the horizontality of encyclopedias? What experiences do we seek through this project?


2011 | couve-flor: temporary artistic residencies

| residências |

For 9 days, Dani Lima was in residency at the headquarters of artist collective  Couve-flor Minicomunidade Artística Mundial, in the city of Curitiba, where she was part of project Couve-flor Manutenção Coletiva/ Residências artísticas temporárias (Temporary Artistic Residencies). The project proposes to create encounters and concrete spaces for creative exchange by inviting artists from out of town to develop their artistic proposals in close contact with the members of Couve-flor and other local artists. Other artists participating in the temporary residencies were Sheila Ribeiro, Eszter Salamon and Janiffer Lacey.

The following artists participated in Dani Lima’s residency: Candida Monte, Eduardo Simões, Gustavo Bittencourt, Guilherme Marks, Renata Hardy, Renata Roel, Ricardo Marinelli and Ronie Rodrigues

photos: Alessandra Haro

2010 | play! Leipzig

| residencias |

For 10 days in June 2010, Dani Lima was in residency in the city of Leipzig, Germany, at the invitation of professor Patrick Primavesi and performing artist  Diana Wesser, with the support of Tanzarchiv Leipzig + Institut fur Theaterwissenschaft der Universitat Leipzig + Statens Teaterskole Copenhagen, to develop a series of interventions in the city’s public space after a workshop with local art students and professionals, within the festival “play! Leipzig – movement in urban space”.

The workshop “Choreography for pavements, pedestrians and pigeons” sought to establish a dialogue with the conceptual issues proposed by the festival concerning the reappropriation and revitalization of Leipzig’s public space: What is the relationship between daily movements and the urban environment? What is our attitude towards historical places and buildings? How can theatrical activities reflect and influence the city’s public sphere?

Performers: Dani Lima, Tine Damborg and Tabea Trathburg

2009 | residence & reflexion

residence & reflection

Together with Bains::Connective, A.Pass/A.PT (Advanced Performance Training) e Vlaams Theater Institut, Kunstenfestivaldesarts has invited a number of artists to follow the festival closely. These young artists from around the world have attended various performances and discuss them with a number of international art critics, coordinated by researcher and dramaturg Elke Van Campenhout. For 10 days they have immersed themselves in both theatres and exhibition spaces before bringing their observations to de discussion table. Bu means of this Residence  and Reflexion Project, the festival aims to create a space in which various interpretative frameworks, political beliefs, ethical standards and aesthetic preferences will confront one another. Ideas may generate new ideas, and new perspectives may emerge from this confrontation.

Invited artists: Nikhil Chopra (IN), Hans Bryssnick (BE), Dani Lima (BR), Guillermo Calderon (CL), Groupe TOC (BE), Etienne Guilloteau (BE), Mark Teh (MY), Gianina Carbunariu (RO)

residence & reflexion

2008 | escalators

| residências |

Dani Lima’s Residency in the city of Halle, Germany, in the frame of the project Escalators: Movement and Control in public spaces, produced by International Theatre Institute and Theatre der Welt festival 2008.

Artists and theoreticians of several countries, as well as students from the region were invited for a 15 days residency in the city of Halle, to discuss and create interventions on public spaces, concerning the question of surveillance, in the context of the festival Theather der Welt: Paul Gazolla (Australia/Berlin), Michelle Teran (Canada), Andrea Keiz (Berlin), Irina Pauls (Leipzig), Yunna Long (China), Charlotte Vincent (England) and Dani Lima (Brazil).

In a residency with 14 performers of different ages between 12 and 55 years old, Dani has developed individual and collective actions to appear and disappear amongst the pedestrians. Some of the main questions of these actions were “what is allowed and what is forbidden in public spaces”, “what is suspicious here and now”. The interventions were presented as work in progress in a local supermarket and in the central square of Halle in the context of Theatre der Welt festival 2008.

conception and direction: Dani Lima
direction assitant: Helena Fernandino
performers: Zoé Alibert, Hanna Boßmann, Julia Christeiner, Marcela Donato, Hermann Heisig, Britta Helbig, Marie Music, Norbert Meinert, Esther-Maria Quade, Ada Schaff, Tomaz Simatovic, Mevlana van Vark, Mauricio Veloso and Diana Wesser


2006 | close encounters

| residências |

Between 2005 and 2006, two festivals, Alkantara (Lisbon) and Panorama de Dança (Rio de Janeiro), organized a yearlong project in which artists and theorists from different cultural backgrounds worked together and delved into issues such as interculturalism, cultural negotiation and the creation/presentation of art in different contexts. The works were created after the encounter of two artists from different cultural backgrounds.

Lisbon Encounter was the first stage of the project Close Encounters 2005-2006. For three weeks, twelve participants gathered in Lisbon to exchange experiences, work on their creations and discuss the issues the project proposed to analyze. The following artists participated in the project, under the guidance of Bojana Cvejic:

– Miguel Pereira (Portugal) and Karima Mansour (Egypt)
– Filipa Francisco (Portugal) and Idoia Zabaleta (Spain – Basque Country)
– Cláudia Müller (Brazil) and Cristina Blanco (Spain)
– Dani Lima (Brazil) and Sodja Lotker (Serbia / Czech Republic)
– Gustavo Ciríaco (Brazil) and Andrea Sonnberger (Austria / Germany)
– João Galante, Ana Borralho (Portugal) and Atsushi Nishijima (Japan)

The participants met again in Rio de Janeiro on November 2005 for another work period followed by a presentation of the works-in-progress at Panorama de Dança. The third stage of the project took place in Lisbon, with final meetings and presentations within the project Encontros Imediatos III at Alkantara festival 2006.

The project resulted on the performance Estratégia nº 1: entre, performed by Dani Lima, with dramaturgy by Sodja Lotker and the collaboration of Marcela Levi and Felipe Rocha

photos Felipe Rocha, Rodrigo Lamounier, Dani Lima
video Rodrigo Lamounier, Mônica Prinzac, Maria Caritas

2005 | please choose

| residências |

On May 2005, Dani was in residency for a month in the cities of Prague and Kokovice, in the Czech Republic, with the support of Theatre Institute Prague + Studio Kokovice 4 (Kristyna Lhotakova / Ladislav Soukup) + 4 Days in Motion festival. The performance Please choose resulted from the residency, following an experience that started in the project Rede /Arte em colaboração (Network /Art in collaboration) called Tudo o que você quiser, o que desejar, estou aqui pronto para serví-lo (Anything you want, whatever you desire, I’m ready to serve you), created and organized by Cláudia Müller during Panorama RioArte de Dança 2004. Please choose was presented as a work-in-progress at the 4 Days in Motion festival.

Each spectator stays with the performer in an intimate space (a small room) for about 20 minutes, after previously choosing from a form some conditions for the meeting. Memories are exchanged, recreated, invented.