2009 | residence & reflexion

Together with Bains::Connective, A.Pass/A.PT (Advanced Performance Training) e Vlaams Theater Institut, Kunstenfestivaldesarts has invited a number of artists to follow the festival closely. These young artists from around the world have attended various performances and discuss them with a number of international art critics, coordinated by researcher and dramaturg Elke Van Campenhout. For 10 days they have immersed themselves in both theatres and exhibition spaces before bringing their observations to de discussion table. Bu means of this Residence  and Reflexion Project, the festival aims to create a space in which various interpretative frameworks, political beliefs, ethical standards and aesthetic preferences will confront one another. Ideas may generate new ideas, and new perspectives may emerge from this confrontation.

Invited artists: Nikhil Chopra (IN), Hans Bryssnick (BE), Dani Lima (BR), Guillermo Calderon (CL), Groupe TOC (BE), Etienne Guilloteau (BE), Mark Teh (MY), Gianina Carbunariu (RO)

residence & reflexion