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What Did the Apostle Paul Think by Justly Dividing the Watchword of Trueness

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What Did the Apostle Paul Entail by “Justifiedly Dividing the Countersign of Accuracy”?

They bequeath explicate to you that since Paul’s dispensation was to the Gentiles that we are to pursue just Paul’s writings and that early books such as the gospels, Hebrews, James, Pecker, Jude, etcetera are for the Jews. Truly??? The gospels don’t appertain to us infidel believers? We are not to trace Messiah and His teachings? Are we not to date into all the earth and makes disciples of Messiah?1 Corinthians 11:1 Be ye following of me, eve as I too am of Messiah.We are not baptised in the gens of Paul, but in the describe of Jesus Messiah.



The formulate “rightly dividing the news of truth” in Timothy 2:15 is unparalleled to the Magnate James displacement. It has caused around to consider that we are to takings the Countersign of God and someways dissever or offprint passages and or books and shape who or what interview they are intended for. As a answer, this poesy has go a springboard for a altogether unlike way of indication and applying scripture.

My role with this clause is to read that this rendering is really a graeco-roman exercise of the old saw “A textbook without a circumstance is a guise for a validation textbook”. It is a serious affair to payoff a one textbook from scripture and brand a philosophy from it, specially if that passing has been interpret out of circumstance.

Ground of 2 Timothy 2

Therein chapter Paul is freehanded education to Timothy on how to extend in the oeuvre of the ministry in his absence. He tells Timothy to carry the things that he has well-read from him and passing them kill to those whom Timothy is ministering to. He tells him to suffer, to be a beneficial soldier of Messiah, not turn embroiled with the affairs of this sprightliness, to alone care himself with pleasing God and that he leave revel that which he labors for.

Paul so goes on to say that flush though he power be confined wish a malefactor, that the creed itself cannot be imprisoned. Paul sates that he is volition to stand all things for the interest of the chosen of Messiah, that they mightiness receive redemption.

Paul so sets a marvelous step by exclamation the forebode that we all birth; that if we die to this earth and are uncoerced to stomach hardships, that we would let everlasting aliveness with Messiah. Level though we are traitorous, Messiah is fold and that He cannot abnegate us if we subsist in Him.

Paul knew that this was the identical core of trust and of the creed substance, that it is a substance that all believers would pauperism to try and compass. The hardships that the church was abiding and was yet to digest would tryout the religion and resolution of those who believed in Messiah.

In versify 14 Paul pleads with Timothy to guardianship them with these real significant aspects of the Christian trust, so Paul gets into an domain that he knew would be an issuance among believers; the strain and contestation with one another that does not gain or welfare the consistency of Messiah. Paul knew identical that this would leading to wrecking and adjournment the the hearers of the creed.

Barely remember for a second around the picture that those who are not Christians get of us when they watcher us existence dissentious concluded picayune language and things. How lots delight Satan moldiness get when we reason among ourselves o’er doctrines and run-in when it is the simpleton creed content that the humans necessarily to listen and by which they are protected. If we can not talk to apiece otc with benignity and lovemaking, so our trust and testimonial volition seem to be hypocritical to others. We are commanded to dear one another, we are not commissioned to chide or be mean to anyone.

Paul so reminds Timothy of how Hymenaeus and Philetus had strayed from the trueness and were didactics incorrectly that the resurrection had already interpreted office. Paul encourages Timothy to assay but things that are virtuous and sanctum, to be patient and appease.

Paul’s counselling to Timothy should help as voice propose to us tod also. As the old expression goes, “it is often easier to pull flies with dear, than vinegar”. Non-believers should be attracted to Messiah done our demeanour and lovemaking, seldom has a someone been born-again to the religion by the looker of one who does not stand in the purport of lovemaking.

Textual Psychoanalysis

2 Timothy 2:15 Survey to demonstrate thyself sanctioned unto God, a workingman that needeth not to be ashamed, justifiedly dividing the password of accuracy.

Now we bother the crux of this theme. In poesy 15 the KJV has Paul recounting Timothy to sketch that he mightiness be sanctioned of by God, a workingman ( G2040 ergatés ) which is a character cover to verses 5 and 6, this watchword ergatés is elsewhere put-upon as “field workers”, “laborers”, etcetera., who should not be ashamed, and justifiedly dividing ( G3718 orthotome? ) the tidings of verity. The Greek watchword orthotome? sole appears erst in the New Will. The Strong’s Concord defines it wish this:

to cut consecutive, to cut neat slipway A to keep on heterosexual paths, clutches a full-strength row, equiv. to doing rectify

to brand neat and smoothen, to handgrip right, to instruct the accuracy now and right

One can lone guessing why the KJV translators chose the articulate “rightly dividing” rather of “rightly teach” or “cutting straight”, I would propose that in 1611 “rightly dividing” mightiness bear had a unlike signification than how we use it tod. Granted the circumstance of this versify and the circumferent textbook, I recall that it is seize that we tight analyze trueness signification of this idiom.

Although the parole orthotome? was not exploited, a interchangeable content was tending by Lavatory the Baptist when he quoted Isaiah by stating “Make full-strength the way of the Lord” in Trick 1:23. Lav ill-used the watchword G3588 euthunó , which agency:

to pee heterosexual, degree, champaign

to leading or usher full-strength, to donjon heterosexual or orchestrate: A of the helmsman or steersman of a transport B of a charioteer

So, we let two masses who are both big direction shuffle a crystallise and straightforward route. The meanings are indistinguishable with the like design in brain. They are effectively stating that no obstruction should be allowed to arrive the way of what is accuracy.

I would comparable to effort to head a few things concerning what is out of setting:

The theme of separating or parsing scripture is not in circumstance.

Thither is no cite of discreet what is prophetical vs what is a whodunit, or apprehensive what is for the church vs what is for the Jews, etcetera.

When Paul wrote this, the just scripture that could sustain been parsed would get been what we outcry the Old Will, the gospels and epistles did not live as corporate work at that metre.

If the countersign orthotome? rightfully meant to parse or branch, we should look to incur it, or a news of the like vulgar radical when the language part, shared or dividing are exploited elsewhere in scripture.

On the quaternary head I would wish to expand 97. Let’s deal where derivations of the countersign separate look elsewhere in the Tycoon James and see what Greek parole was ill-used for its transliteration:


1 Corinthians 12:11 – G1244 diaireó – def: I fraction into parts, cut apart, broadcast. The setting of this passing emphatically deals with something existence isolated or parsed, the gifts of the Sanctum Sprightliness among the consistence of Messiah.

Hebrew 4:12 – G3311 merismos – def: (a) a distributing, a dispersion, (b) a farewell, dividing, break, interval. The matter of this passing likewise deals with separating, the two-edged steel that separates the intent and psyche, joints and inwardness.


Luke 12:13 – G3307 merizó – def: I split into parts, watershed, office, parcel, disperse; mid: I plowshare, participate in a sectionalisation; I cark. This passageway involves the dividing of heritage.

Luke 22:17 – G1266 diamerizó – def: I separate up into parts, scatter; I circularize . The break of the boodle at the close supper.


1 Corinthians 1:13 – G3307 merizó – def: I part into parts, watershed, portion, parcel, circularise; mid: I contribution, participate in a segmentation; I unhinge. This transition involves whether or not the soundbox of Messiah is shared.

Matthew 12:25, 26 – G3307 merizó – def: I split into parts, separate, office, parcel, circulate; mid: I part, participate in a division; I disquiet. Refers to shared kingdoms.

Matthew 25:32 – G873 aphorizó – def: I rail, fork, spot obscure. This deals with the breakup of the sheep.

Crisscross 3:24-26 – G3307 merizó – def: I separate into parts, disunite, parting, portion, disseminate; mid: I ploughshare, participate in a breakdown; I unhinge. Like as Matthew 12:25, 26

Scrape 6:41 – G3307 merizó – def: I part into parts, separate, parting, part, disperse; mid: I part, participate in a breakdown; I disquiet. Dividing of the loaves and fishes.

Luke 11:17, 18 – G3307 merizó – def: I fraction into parts, fraction, share, parcel, circularise; mid: I percentage, participate in a division; I unhinge. Like as Matthew 12:25, 26

Luke 12:13 – G3307 merizó – def: I watershed into parts, part, office, part, diffuse; mid: I part, participate in a partition; I unhinge. In regards to dividing heritage.

Luke 12:53 – G1266 diamerizó – def: I disunite up into parts, fragmentise; I circularize. In regards to a family (kinsfolk) that is shared inside itself.

Luke 15:12 – G1244 diaireó – def: I dissever into parts, cut apart, diffuse. The chronicle of the squanderer son’s heritage.

Acts 13:19 – G2624 katakléronomeó – def: I commit as an heritage, diffuse by lot. Paul recounted the the dividing up of the predict nation in the tabernacle.

Acts 14:4 – G4977 schizó – def: I rive, fraction apart, stick. Speechmaking of the multitude of Iconium existence dual-lane betwixt the apostles and the Jews.

Acts 23:7 – G4977 schizó – def: I rive, split apart, stick. The disagreement betwixt the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

Revealing 16:19 – G1096 ginomai – def: I occur into beingness resellerratings, am innate, suit, occur, hap. Talk approximately Babylon ripping into iii parts.


Luke 11:22 – G1239 diadidómi – def: I offering hither and thither, disseminate, part, render. This regards the spoils interpreted by the stronger man.


Luke 12:14 – G3312 meristés – def: a splitter, partitioner, distributer. In regards to dividing heritage.

My detail is this: Paul and early New Will writers had repeatedly victimised dustup that well-nigh emphatically meant to parse or ramify, about unremarkably schizó, diamerizó and merizó or derivations of, yet Paul chose not to use any of the dustup that had antecedently been ill-used in the Greek to evidence his head. Rather, Paul chose a password that is lonesome exploited erst altogether of the New Will, thusly we moldiness nearly canvas what this news agency and how we should enforce it to this passageway.

Paul’s Spirit

Paul’s pedagogy to Timothy was that he be a man who would be able-bodied to informant by model and that he would be impertinent in right administering the creed by existence capable to leaven that Jesus Messiah was so the Son of God, the promised Christ. Paul cherished Timothy to be able-bodied to preserve in the exercise of the gravid perpetration in a creditworthy and efficient way without acquiring embroiled in things that would alone curb his advancement. Orthotome? surely seems to be a rather technology condition secondhand to express a visualization to Timothy of a crystalize and unobstructed route, that is why he encouraged him to stop elucidate of useless debates o’er mindless things and avoiding assumed teachings.

The Tidings Of Trueness Is Not Dual-lane

All Scripture is precondition by brainchild of God and is profitable for philosophy, for reprehension, for chastening, for pedagogy in righteousness – 2 Timothy 3:16

I get it difficult to think that if Paul had meant that scripture is to be dual-lane, that he would suffer made this assertion, specially inside the like missive to Timothy.

If you were to explore the cyberspace for “rightly dividing the password of truth” or “2 Timothy 2:15”, you testament get a embarrassment of websites and videos consecrated to explaining that we are to separate scripture and to cognise that roughly parts of scripture are for the Jews and others for the church.Updated on July 17, 2019Tony ReflectmoreTangency Source

We wear the figure “Christians”, not “Paulites” or “Paulinians”. Paul is stating that the Corinthians should trace his representative by organism following of Messiah. We are to scoop the hybridisation of Jesus and surveil Him.

The theme that scripture is shared has led approximately to think and learn that sure books of the New Will were not meant for the church for philosophy. I get scripted another clause on this matter, specifically on the record of James called, Is the Volume of James for the Church?


The Results Of This Pedagogy

Alas, thither is a rattling democratic commandment that denies that we non-jew believers are children of Abraham, and thusly are not considered to be Israel in the eyes of God. But Paul had something to say that is perverse to this notion.

Romans 9:6 But it is not as though the parole of God has failed. For they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel ; 7 nor are they all children because they are Abraham’s posterity , but: “through Isaac your posterity volition be named.” 8 That is, it is not the children of the anatomy who are children of God, but the children of the predict are regarded as posterity .

In Paul’s head, organism called a nestling of Abraham had naught to do with ethnicity, but everything to do with trust. Besides, organism called Israel was too not an subject of ethnicity, either. The children of foretell that Paul radius of was refering to those who are in Messiah, and if we are in Messiah, so we are Abraham’s posterity.

Paul tells us in Romans 11 that infidel believers get been grafted into the leftover of Israel that calm remained in the stem, which is Messiah. Gentiles bear been adoptive into the land of truth Israel and part in the promises as heirs.

Cock expounded on this construct when authorship to those who are in Messiah:

1 Tool 2:9 But ye are a elect genesis , a majestic priesthood , an sanctum land , a curious multitude ; that ye should demonstrate forward the praises of him who hath called you out of shadow into his fantastic igniter; 10 Which yet retiring were not a multitude, but are now the masses of God : which had not obtained mercifulness, but now sustain obtained mercifulness.

Paul ended Romans 11 with this idea:

Romans 11:31 Notwithstanding bear these too now not believed, that done your mercifulness they besides may get mercifulness. 32 For God hath ended them beat disbelief, that he power let clemency upon all .

Am I promoting what about shout “replacement theology”? No, not at all! I am promoting that all Jew and Goy believers are of the like corner whose base is Messiah. A nestling that is adoptive, does not substitute the lifelike children of the parents. Thither is sole one consistency of Messiah and it consists of both Jewish and Heathen believers

Paul alludes to the thought that thither are two “Israels” if you volition, those who were forcible posterity of Jacob, and those who are Israel by religion. E.g., Commiseration was a Moabite and Rahab a Canaanite, yet both we counted as Israel and were in the filiation of David and Messiah.


I am not attempting to say that the Rex James is not exact in regards to 2 Timothy 2:15, sooner that the signification of “dividing” has transformed in its significance concluded meter and that approximately citizenry now suffer made a ism that is not basically vocalise based on a countersign which pregnant has changed o’er the end 400 days. Good care the shutdown signature of The Flintstones victimized to say “We’ll birth a “gay” old time” had aught to do with homosexualism, but in the 1960’s, which was equitable a few decades ago, meant a light-hearted and slaphappy sentence.

Additionally, I leave clutch every red missive in my Bible more tightly that every former blackness password in the Bible combined. No one bequeath payoff that aside from me, nor should they you!

Thank you for indication this clause and I feel ahead to your comments.

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