1998 | piti

Piti is about being out of control, about the loss of reason and the emocional attacks Seven dancers pass by daily small hysterical attacks and the great explosions that change someone’s life.

Piti was regarded by jornal O Globo as one of the ten best dance performances of 1998.

concept and direction: Dani Lima
creation: Andre Masseno, Daniela Fortes, Dani Lima, Fernandaprata,
Stela Guz, Vinicius Salles, Luciana Brites
music: Felipe Rocha
costumes: Valéria Martins
art direction: Davi Bartex, Anna Vandenberg
technical: Direction Vanda Jacques
light design: Paulo César Medeiros
live music Brasov: Daniel Vasques, Fabiano Kriegger, Felipe Rocha,
Lucas Marcier, Rafael Rocha
fotos: Claudia Ribeiro

[narrowcolumn foo="bar"]“Dani is confident in the use of airspace and already shows she can also use dancers in good duos and group acts on stage. Everybody is very well prepared for the physical and emotional demands of the work, which concerns itself with the lack of control, the hysteria and the fits typical of women.”
Nayse López / Jornal do Brasil

“The dancer from Rio de Janeiro was the great hit of the last Panorama RioArte de Dança with an acrobatic duo a few meters above the ground, a choreography that was part of her work Piti”.
Adriana Pavlova / O Globo