2001 | digital brazuca

Brazuca is a less than affectionate word the Portuguese use to mock Brazilians and the “improvised Brazilian way of doing things”. According to the dictionary, the word ‘digital’  relate to fingers and fingerprint, as well as to digits, giving origin to the popular word we use to talk about binary technologies. Bringing both words together conveys more than a possible contradiction but a search for an identity and a point of view of Brazilian culture.

Responding to the demands of interacting with technology, Digital Brazuca strolls through possible Brazilian identities using some technological devices to unveil what is most alive and spontaneous in Brazilian culture, that which is subject to failure and available to improvise based on these failures.

conception and direction: Dani Lima
creation: Dani Lima, Clarice Silva, Gera Dias
music: Felipe Rocha
art direction: André Weller
costume design: Valéria Martins
light design: Paulo César Medeiros
production direction: Márcia Dias
executive production: Letícia Jacques
videos: Dani Lima, André Weller, Bruno Murtinho e TV Zero
direction assistance: Mônica Prinzac

“At first, identity is handled as a construction, delicately, poetically and playfully showing how the gaze of others is integrated to individual impressions and leaves its mark. (…) Opposite to this first moment, technology becomes the center of attention in the second part of the piece. A symbol of the possibilities open by the new technologies, interactivity is explored in the relationship between both dancers, between the dancers and the spectators and between music and dance.”
Silvia Soter / O Globo

“Dani Lima’s company uses the difficulty Brazilians have to get state of the art technology to discuss national identity. (…) Dancers improvise based on mistakes of the cheap technology.
Daniela Name / O Globo