2001 | vanity

Vanity as a intrinsic characteristic of human relations. Vanity as the necessity we have for the other’s mirror to build our own identity, as the frantic search for acceptance in society. The soundtrack is performed live by the group Brasov. concept, direction and choreography: Dani Lima co-direction: Mônica Prinzac dancers: Clarice Silva, Cláudio Ribeiro, Dani Lima, Fernanda Prata, Vinicius Salles, Gera Dias, Valeska Gonçalves and Tatiana Miranda original sountrack: Felipe Rocha and Brasov lighting design: Paulo César Medeiros art direction: André Weller costume design: Valéria Martins videos: André Weller and Dani Lima general coordination: Márcia Dias realization: Cia de Dança Dani Lima and Buenos Dias Projetos e Produções Culturais photos: Cafi video: André Monteiro “With an excellent young cast, Dani Lima manages to produce strictly original, authorial images and situations that are full of creativity. (…) Dedicated to singularity as actual peculiarity, as if betting that familiarities were inevitable by themselves.” Helena Katz / Estado de São Paulo