2009 | little inventory of commonplaces

Little Inventory of commonplaces is the result of a collaboration process involving 9 artists based on Dani Lima’s proposal of making an inventory of everyday life, of the gestures, objects and ordinary actions that usually go by unnoticed in daily routine.

On stage, 5 performers, 125 trivial objects, images and sounds of unimportant forgotten small memories try to penetrate other dimensions of banality, to awaken the perception of time, the sensation of being transient.

According to Roman philosopher Seneca in “On the Shortness of life”, “the part of life that we really live is small. For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time”. Would these small memories and actions of everyday life – though devoid of relevance – be the materialization of the passage of time?

“Life is just what happens to you, while your busy making other plans”.
Jonh Lennon

creation and interpretation: Dani Lima, Laura Samy, Rodrigo Maia, Thiago Gomes
set design: João Modé
video: Paola Barreto e Lucas Canavarro
music: Felipe Rocha
light: Renato Machado
direction assistant: Alice Ripoll
dramaturgy (develloped in collaboration): Alex Cassal, Alice Ripoll, Dani Lima, Laura Samy, e Vivian Miller
production: Carla Mullulo e João Braune – Fomenta Produções
general concept: Dani Lima

Before the eyes of the audience, the composition created by the artists, however brief, promotes associations of ideas and produces new meanings for the objects. Nonsense ends up turning into sense. At the same time, it sets the tone of the state necessary to surrender to the piece. The video projection of the combination of objects in pairs is a real find. A little like the way children turn stones into toys, this scene in fact broadens the perspective of what is little and shows the poetry of simple things. (…)Even if on stage it is almost never possible to escape transforming anything into something extra-ordinary, “Little inventory of commonplace” is able to deal with what it intends with much poetry and delicacy. It brings to the center life as John Lennon once suggested: as what happens when we’re making other plans“. Read more…
Silvia Soter | O Globo

A proposal is made to the audience: to look at the commonplace in a different way and to reflect about the importance of trivial actions in our lives. From this perspective, making coffee or clipping the nails are as special and alive as receiving a flower bouquet. The work is an invitation to contemplate a commonplace that isn’t commonplace and enjoy the aesthetic pleasure that can be offered by water swirling down the drain or by the texture of a group of blue objects besides a bunch of red ones“.

Emanuella Kalil | Idança