2007 | I is someone else

Real Life in 3 chapters is a trilogy composed of three autonomous works: the solo performance Strategy No. 1: in between; the group performance Instruction Manual and the installation I is someone else. Real Life in 3 Chapters explores possible connections between reality and fiction and shares in the collection of significant questions posed by Dani Lima’s work, such as the development of a “everyday life poetics” and the cultivation of strategies for a possible “utopia of proximity”.

I is someone else is an installation that recreates the performance Strategy nº1: in between through the traces and vestiges – images, audio, objects – left behind by the participants, and collected since the first work in progress, in 2004. Since then, there were more than 200 encounters in the cities of Prague, Lisbon, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro. Santos, Curitiba. An experience recreated through the vestiges left by those who have lived it. An attempt to bring permanency to what is, by nature, ephemeral. Time, small memories that build us daily, everyday life poetics.

concept: Dani Lima
colaboration: João Modé
construction: Luiz Celso Ramos – LCR Produções
image editing: Mônica Prinzac
sound editing: Felipe Rocha
photos: Dani Lima, João Modé, Mônica Burity and Mauro Kury
production: Tatiana Garcias
production executive: Márcia Dias
realizaton: Cia Dani Lima & Buenos Dias Projetos e Produções Culturais