2010 | choreography for pavements, pedestrians and pigeons

A partnership with filmmaker and multimedia artist Paola Barreto and a team of about 20 artists and technicians. Eleven dancers made a series of stealth choreographic interventions at Largo do Machado square, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The performance is a real time composition, where performers follow rules and previously rehearsed diagrams of movement and at the same time they interact with pedestrians, architecture and unforeseen momentary situations. The rehearsed movements recall ordinary actions, daily urban gestures, the pace of time of pedestrians in such a way that the performers mix with the the people who are passing by the square, confusing the distinction between who is “acting” and who is “living”.

The interventions are recorded daily, for two months. A huge database of images of the neighborhood’s daily live is created. These images are added to the images transmitted in real time and projected during a “live cinema” performance happening simultaneously to the performance taking place on the square. The audience can choose how to watch the work: at ground level in the square, among the performers; at the Oi Futuro café, watching the images and sounds being edited in real-time; at the church tower, with binoculars and mp3 players, choosing their own view frame; or through online video streaming.

Choreography for pavements, pedestrians and pigeons” intends to cast a careful gaze upon Largo do Machado’s neighborhood, its architecture and landscape, users, daily life, past and present memories and contribute to rediscover the poetic potential of the public space. Reinforcing the idea that streets are spaces for experimentation, highlighting daily life experiences and constructing common values and the community as poetic force.

conception and direction of choreography: Dani Lima
conception and direction of videoinstallation:  Paola Barreto
performers: Alice Ripoll, Ana Pi, Átila Calache, Eléonore Guisnet, , Gimena de Mello, Juliana Medella, Luar Maria, Luciana Costa, Thiago Gomes e Tony Hewerton
choreography assistant: Laura Samy
video editing: Alexandre Antunes
fotos: Thiago Britto, Paola Barreto, Lola Vaz, Dani Lima,
videos: Thiago Britto, Alexandre Antunes, Paola barreto editing assistant: Lucas Canabravo
soundtrack and sound engineering: David Cole
camera: Thiago Britto e Guilherme Guerreiro
production director: Verônica Prates
executive producer: Isa Avellar