2010 | for my daughter

Dani Lima’s solo project in collaboration with choreographers João Saldanha and Marcela Levi. Project selected by  Rumos Itaú Cultural Dança program 2009/2010. In progress.

To speculate about an idea of femininity articulated upon two iconic references: pinup girls and the princess archetype in children imaginary. On one side, curves / distortions / obliquities involving the pelvis, the shoulders, the spine, the head and the eyes, inscribing certain qualities into the body and into the movement  identified in common sense as sensual and feminine. On the other side, the romanticism of princesses and their eternal longing for the prince charming that will rescue them from despair. The construction of an idea of femininity connected to the illusion of eternal love.

What kind of subversion can emerge when you turn something that is considered natural into something artificial? How can the shift of certain concepts inscribed into the body unveil a value system that bases our perception, establishing roles and power relations? How can new ways of thinking about femininity emerge from loopholes in these constructs?

The project’s proposal is to share with two other artists who have artistic references to femininity in their background – João Saldanha and Marcela Levi –  and create a kind of mosaic of interpretations about the same subject. To work with interlocutors as a way of investing in the “relational knowledge” constructed and structured in affectionate relationships, in the game of experience with alterity.