2005 | please choose

On May 2005, Dani was in residency for a month in the cities of Prague and Kokovice, in the Czech Republic, with the support of Theatre Institute Prague + Studio Kokovice 4 (Kristyna Lhotakova / Ladislav Soukup) + 4 Days in Motion festival. The performance Please choose resulted from the residency, following an experience that started in the project Rede /Arte em colaboração (Network /Art in collaboration) called Tudo o que você quiser, o que desejar, estou aqui pronto para serví-lo (Anything you want, whatever you desire, I’m ready to serve you), created and organized by Cláudia Müller during Panorama RioArte de Dança 2004. Please choose was presented as a work-in-progress at the 4 Days in Motion festival.

Each spectator stays with the performer in an intimate space (a small room) for about 20 minutes, after previously choosing from a form some conditions for the meeting. Memories are exchanged, recreated, invented.