2006 | close encounters

Between 2005 and 2006, two festivals, Alkantara (Lisbon) and Panorama de Dança (Rio de Janeiro), organized a yearlong project in which artists and theorists from different cultural backgrounds worked together and delved into issues such as interculturalism, cultural negotiation and the creation/presentation of art in different contexts. The works were created after the encounter of two artists from different cultural backgrounds.

Lisbon Encounter was the first stage of the project Close Encounters 2005-2006. For three weeks, twelve participants gathered in Lisbon to exchange experiences, work on their creations and discuss the issues the project proposed to analyze. The following artists participated in the project, under the guidance of Bojana Cvejic:

– Miguel Pereira (Portugal) and Karima Mansour (Egypt)
– Filipa Francisco (Portugal) and Idoia Zabaleta (Spain – Basque Country)
– Cláudia Müller (Brazil) and Cristina Blanco (Spain)
– Dani Lima (Brazil) and Sodja Lotker (Serbia / Czech Republic)
– Gustavo Ciríaco (Brazil) and Andrea Sonnberger (Austria / Germany)
– João Galante, Ana Borralho (Portugal) and Atsushi Nishijima (Japan)

The participants met again in Rio de Janeiro on November 2005 for another work period followed by a presentation of the works-in-progress at Panorama de Dança. The third stage of the project took place in Lisbon, with final meetings and presentations within the project Encontros Imediatos III at Alkantara festival 2006.

The project resulted on the performance Estratégia nº 1: entre, performed by Dani Lima, with dramaturgy by Sodja Lotker and the collaboration of Marcela Levi and Felipe Rocha

photos Felipe Rocha, Rodrigo Lamounier, Dani Lima
video Rodrigo Lamounier, Mônica Prinzac, Maria Caritas