2008 | escalators

Dani Lima’s Residency in the city of Halle, Germany, in the frame of the project Escalators: Movement and Control in public spaces, produced by International Theatre Institute and Theatre der Welt festival 2008.

Artists and theoreticians of several countries, as well as students from the region were invited for a 15 days residency in the city of Halle, to discuss and create interventions on public spaces, concerning the question of surveillance, in the context of the festival Theather der Welt: Paul Gazolla (Australia/Berlin), Michelle Teran (Canada), Andrea Keiz (Berlin), Irina Pauls (Leipzig), Yunna Long (China), Charlotte Vincent (England) and Dani Lima (Brazil).

In a residency with 14 performers of different ages between 12 and 55 years old, Dani has developed individual and collective actions to appear and disappear amongst the pedestrians. Some of the main questions of these actions were “what is allowed and what is forbidden in public spaces”, “what is suspicious here and now”. The interventions were presented as work in progress in a local supermarket and in the central square of Halle in the context of Theatre der Welt festival 2008.

conception and direction: Dani Lima
direction assitant: Helena Fernandino
performers: Zoé Alibert, Hanna Boßmann, Julia Christeiner, Marcela Donato, Hermann Heisig, Britta Helbig, Marie Music, Norbert Meinert, Esther-Maria Quade, Ada Schaff, Tomaz Simatovic, Mevlana van Vark, Mauricio Veloso and Diana Wesser