Dancer and choreographer Dani Lima lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. She was one of the founders of new circus group INTREPIDA TRUPE, which she integrated for thirteen years. During those years, she contributed to the development of new goals for contemporary circus, incorporating theatre, pop music, visual arts and dance. Since 1997 she has her own company, with whom she has made various productions, residencies and workshops throughout Brazil and Europe, in festivals such as Panorama de Dança; Bienal SESC de Dança; Theather der Welt – Halle; Play! Leipzig; Alkantara – Lisbon; Four days in motion – Prague; Move Berlim; RioCenaContemporânea; Porto Alegre em Cena; Festival de Londrina.

As a choreographer she is interested in inquiries concerning identity, otherness, memory and perception, thus investing in transdiciplinary experiences and in the development of an “everyday life body poetics”. Her performances Piti/1998; Nato/1999; Digital Brazuca/2001; Vanity/2001; Do the parts speak of the whole?/2003; Real Life in 3 Chapters/2006-07; Little inventory of commonplaces/2009 were highlighted by specialized critics among “the 10 best dance performances” of each year.

In addition to her artistic activities, she got a degree in Journalism (1998).  In 2005, Dani got a Master’s Degree in Theatre and published her research in the book “Body, politics and discourse in Lia Rodrigues’ dance”. She has been part of the teaching staff at the Dance Course of the University of Rio de Janeiro since 2001. She is often invited to give lectures, mediate debates and teach workshops all over the country and she  has written articles for several publications specialized in dance, arts and education. She has also collaborated with several artists like choreographers Lia Rodrigues, Marcela Levi and Gustavo Ciríaco; visual artists Tatiana Grinberg and João Modé; theater groups/directors Christiane Jatahy, Felipe Rocha, Alex Cassal and Intrépida Trupe; among others.